Buy Precious Metals & Diamonds

What exactly do we buy?

We buy precious metals & diamonds. In fact, since 2009, Town Square Jewelers has been in the business of buying platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds. Primarily, we purchase old or broken jewelry, and any other item made from precious metals. Town Square also purchases diamonds. We examine each stone for appropriate weight, color, and clarity before making you an offer.
Unfortunately, we do not purchase costume jewelry, plated, or non precious alloys such as stainless steel, lead, or copper. As a rule, our certified gemologist must examine any colored stone before we consider buying it.

How does the process work?

It’s very simple! You don’t need an appointment. Bring-in any of your precious metals or diamonds that you are interested in selling. Next, one of our associates will go through them with you to determine metal purity, weight, and diamond quality. After assessing your pieces and weights, we will make you a monetary offer.

Will Town Square exchange old jewelry for something new instead of money?

Of course! If you are interested in exchanging your precious metals or diamonds for a new piece of jewelry, feel free to shop our store. If you opt for store credit, we will add an additional 50% to your trade amount. For example, if your precious metal amount equals $100 and you decide to exchange it for a new piece of jewelry instead, we will offer an additional $50 toward your new piece!

One last thing about selling precious metals and diamonds…

After going through the initial process, if you decide to sell your items, we are required by law to submit the items you are selling, along with your name, address, and other personal information, into a precious metal database. Because of this, a state ID or Driver’s License is required. This process serves to protect the citizens and businesses of our community by reducing precious-metal related crimes.